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10 Mar 2015

Use A DSLR Camera For Your Web Video

Nowadays, DSLR cameras are not used just for taking pictures. No you can also make superb videos with them if they are used in the right manner. DSLR cameras provide a less expensive and powerfully flexible option to the traditional video camera.

DSLR camera

Although DSLR's can be used conveniently for taking photos, one must learn particular methods in order to grasp the craft of shooting a video with them.

The first point you should investigate is the use of an appropriate lens for video recording. A good rule to follow is to buy a suitable lens for video use that can be transferred to a new camera as older models are replaced with better functionality. You to need to also think about acquiring lenses that will allow you to capture video effortlessly yet achieve close control over focusing functions at the same time.

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The compact nature of the modern DSLR camera means that a lot of controls can be loaded into a small device. In some DSLR cameras, the controls are very easy to locate. But on others, the ISO and colour setups may only be accessible by interrogating the menu function.

Get to know your camera because changing your setups during shooting could become a headache and limit your productivity. So, practice making use of the controls before you start. This will ensure that you avoid the need to adjust the settings on your electronic camera over and over again to avoid unnecessary interruption in the shoot. And fully exploit the custom mode in your DSLR camera to effortlessly specify the settings that you need for a particular clip.

A lot of cameras have constraints on just how long they can record a video clip while other cameras do not. Understanding just how long the battery life is on your video camera to understand how long you can film for is necessary in order to avoid the problem of running out of capacity part way through a particular video production shoot. In addition, it is essential to decide on the ideal storage space media for your camera.

Next, you need to make sure that you are able to adjust the focus on the subject you are going to shoot i.e. focussing in and focussing out.

The eyepiece attached to your DSLR camera allows you to view exactly what you're shooting. It is also a good idea to make use of a smaller aperture lens if required in order to record all the shots needed from close ups to panoramic views.

If you are considering the use of zoom lenses, it is highly recommended that you make use of a tripod to maintain camera stability and provide much more freedom to regulate focus adjustment and zooming and the same time. Try and avoid zooming while you're recording unless you actually need to because you may get a “shaking” effect in your video clips.

The best quality video productions with DSLR's are also more than super live action sequences. You also have to ensure see that the audio quality is excellent, engaging and clear for an audience to hear. Taking advantage of shotgun, lapel or omni-directional microphones will be fine as long as you select the right one for your requirements. If you are shooting out of doors, try to find a microphone with a wind sock. Conduct some research before you start and make audio tests to perfect the sound of the video.

There are several alternatives available for lenses, microphones, add-ons and lots of more.

Whether you decide to pursue a costly or inexpensive approach, what is essential is thinking about the final production requires and what equipment you will need to achieve the desired end result.

Follow this guide about filming with DSLR's, choose the correct equipment exercise, apply the most appropriate techniques and you'll produce quality video clips in next to no time!


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